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Interested in Purchasing a Hot Spotz Bengals Kitten?


Please begin the adoption process by contacting us via email or submitting an application located on our site if you are interested in one of our kittens/cats. Tell us a little bit about yourself and any specifics as to what type of kitten you are looking for... gender, color, category-price range, etc. All the info. that we receive from you will help us find that purrfect kitten for you and your household.

Hot Spotz Bengals cattery prides itself in the quality, health and temperament of our Bengal cats and kittens. Our priority is providing our kittens with the BEST homes possible. Therefore, each sale is handled on a 'per kitten' basis. We want to make your kitten purchase a pleasant experience... we are easy to work with, our contract is simple and straight forward, and our prices are reasonable as we are an ethical breeder with over 20 yrs. of experience with this breed of cat. Each kitten is priced individually depending on the quality of the kitten: gender, age, pedigree, pattern/markings, contrast & color, coat clarity, glittered pelt, overall structure, temperament, quality to the conformation of the Bengal breed standard and whether you desire a "pet" or a "show quality" companion kitten with a spay/neuter contract, or a "breeder/show" kitten with full registration rights. We work almost exclusively off of our waiting list, but we will also occasionally have kittens still available.

You can read about our PRICES by clicking on the "Price/Adopt Info." dropdown link (under Purchase Info.) on the above navigation links.

Good quality kittens are not cheap and you generally get what you pay for! There is a LOT of time and expense involved in raising good quality kittens/cats.


Our kittens will be ready for their new homes between 12 and 16 weeks of age. It will be at our discretion at what age each individual kitten is ready to move to its new home. We do what is BEST for our babies!



Our kittens come with the following: Healthy, socialized, pre-spoiled, raised underfoot, Champion bloodlines, comprehensive health guarantee including a congenital defect clause, health record, age-appropriate core vaccinations & dewormed, vet examined and cleared before going home, photoshoots, raised on a top quality high protein grain free diet for the best health, nails trimmed, litter box and scratching post trained, kitten care information guide, goody bag with food/toys/blanket, pet insurance, closed cattery- born and raised in a safe illness free home environment and are never exposed to any cats outside of our home, parents have their proper and extensive health screenings & genetic testing completed, TICA registration certificate (upon proof of spay/neuter) and born from TICA registered parents, continuing advice and support from us for the life of your cat.



Exotic cutting-edge kittens are from some of the most renowned & award-winning Champion bloodlines in the world! Our small in-home TRIPLE registered TICA, CFA, REFR cattery for over 20 years offers exquisite Brown, Silver, Snow, Silver Snow, SBT Champion bloodline pedigreed Bengals as superior pets and breeder/show. They are lovingly hand raised underfoot, in our home as part of our family to ensure the most well-adjusted, happy, healthy, pet for you and are treated with dignity and love. Our selective breeding program is devoted to the promotion and preservation of the Bengal breed of domestic cat and by adopting one of our amazing Bengal kittens you can be assured of a precious baby with a stunning wild exotic appearance of their ALC ancestor that is healthy, loving, and an entertaining family companion for many years. Emphasizing on health, superb temperament, gorgeous markings, clear glittered coats, and exotic wild type! They are sent to their new forever loving home already socialized & pre-spoiled, litter box trained, eating solid food, appropriate core vaccinations, dewormed, vet checked, kitten care pack, contract with health guarantee. Kittens are ready to go to their new homes at approximately 12-16 weeks of age. All kittens/cats are from awarded Champion bloodlines and are registered.

Each of our babies are precious to us and are placed in approved homes only!

We take great pride in placing our kittens/cats in the most loving homes where they will receive the love and attention they deserve - companion & breeder.

We operate a closed cattery to keep illness out!


Please review our Pricing & Adoption Info. page.



Please use the tabs below (Available Kittens, Price/Adopt Info., Adoption Application) to view our current available kittens, prices, or to submit your application.

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